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Beachfront Salalah

The beachfront of Salalah is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and stunning views of the sea and surrounding mountains. The beach is an ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment of the sun, water, and water-based activities. The long sandy beaches offer opportunities for strolling, diving, surfing, and swimming.

Beachfront Sur

The beachfront Sur showcases a harmonious blend of nature and modern development. We have created a space that combines the beauty of nature with urban elements. In this spot, you will find a collection of upscale restaurants, cafes, and promising shops. We have also organized various events and services to cater to diverse preferences.

About us

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About Al Jarial

A real estate development company based in Sultanate of Oman, established in 2020. The company offers a package of Integrated development and administrative services, in addition to its diversified interests in the commercial and residential real estate sectors.


Our mission is to present projects that meet the desires, aspirations of the local community and revitalizing the tourism sector by offering units with modern designs, high quality and developing distinctive location in all the states of the Sultanate. and residential real estate sectors.

We seek to open new horizons in various fields in Omani economy in line with Vision 2040

We make every moment count 

Oman Sail

Oman Sail


Kicked off on 8 November at the Beach Front, Dahariz Beach, the festival ran until 12 November where it showcased local craftsmanship.
The fourth round of Oman sail kicked off with more than 288 sailing rounds, where sailors experienced the beauty of the beach front waters.

52nd National Day Celebrations


This time, we celebrated our national day differently. Piano tunes were played to complement the beautiful notes of the waves, horses marched and a national song “Oman Al Izz” was produced.

Beach Front Winter Nights


Our Winter Nights were held on the sounds of the relaxing piano notes performed by a group of skilled Omani musicians.

Ramadan Celebrations


We decorated the place to match the peaceful vibes that Ramadan has brought along with the peaceful sound of the waves.

Origami Workshop


Our aim is making memories, so we created an environment where talented people could showcase their origami crafting skills.

Activities & Events